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Why We Are Professional Parent Advocates:

We give a voice to parents of integrity; parents in which we refer to as: Decent Disadvantaged Non-Custodial Parent Obligors.

According to a Federal Law known as the Bradley Amendment, named after former Senator Bill Bradley (D) New Jersey, and former NBA basketball player; The Bradley Amendment [42 USC section 666 (a) (9) (c)] is a federal amendment instituted on Jan, 26, 1986.

In addition, there is a second federal law known as the Deadbeat Parent Punishment Act, (DPPA). The Deadbeat Parent Punishment Act was signed into law by former President Bill Clinton (D) in 1998, as an amendment to the Child Support Recovery Act of 1992. It is a federal child support law that was established in 1998, to punish parents who willfully fail to make child support payments, by traveling to another state to avoid making child support


Various levels of government have found a way and has devised a plan, which has allowed them to make money, and impose their will, at the expense of these parents, which is a clear violation of the RULE OF LAW. These laws consist of intended consequences, gross injustices, and of course massive costs.

A prime example is the 1986 federal Bradley Amendment, which mandates that a court ordered child-support debt cannot be retroactively reduced or forgiven by a magistrate or judge for any reason, even if the obligor is unemployed, under-employed, hospitalized, slips into a coma, in prison, sent to war, dead, proved to not be the father, never allowed to see the child, loses employment, or suffers a pay cut, etc.

The other example is the Deadbeat Parent Punishment Act (DPPA), of 1998, where in which Decent Disadvantaged Non-Custodial Parent Obligors, are illegally rounded up in ‘sweeps’, arrested and incarcerated. And, there are NO distinctions made between good and/ or bad parents under these actions.

The results of these incredibly rigid and Draconian laws are to impose as harsh a punishment as possible; that makes it impossible for any but the very rich to get out from underneath a "Bradley" debt. Thus, creating a debtor’s jail and prison system.  Many Decent Disadvantaged Non-Custodial Parent Obligors, are sentenced to debtor’s prison (a medieval practice which was outlawed and abolished centuries ago). In addition, many more obligors have their driver’s license and occupational licenses revoked and consumer credit rating ruined, amongst many other forms of punishment (making it extraordinarily difficult to get a job).


Furthermore, unless Decent Disadvantaged Non-Custodial Parent Obligors, have the knowledge or presence of mind to file for a modification or suspension of their debt, their court ordered child support debt will continue to accumulate, and cannot be modified (reduced) for any reason.  This also includes military activation and deployment.  

The tactics employed via the Bradley Amendment and the Deadbeat Parent Punishment Act (DPPA), often help chase down those parents at poverty level, to those slightly above the poverty level of income. Men and women whom are Decent Disadvantaged Non-Custodial Parent Obligors; in most cases, are forced into illegal activities of the underground economy, away from “mainstream” JOBS and separated from THEIR CHILDREN. We all know what illegal activities currently plague our many community neighborhoods, whether urban or suburban.   

Also, these amendments, continue to play a significant part, as to being a root cause for separation of family, unjust mass incarceration, lack of family respect, economic genocide, gang and criminal related activity, lack of employment opportunities, MURDER of FAMILY MEMBERS, Domestic Violence issues, homelessness, and much…much more!

This is clearly wrong, and violates every principle of justice and fair play and more importantly THE RULE OF LAW, for which we Americans have always prided ourselves. 

As for these Decent Disadvantaged Non-Custodial Parent Obligors, they need HELP, not incarceration.  And, they are not asking for a handout.  

There’s a difference between having the ability to pay, but won’t.  Versus, can’t pay due to the lack of ability.

FFI, Inc. has attended numerous speaking engagements, as well as talk shows via radio/TV.  And, We are available to attend speaking engagements upon request (Upon request, we will contact you to confirm within 24-48 hours)    


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