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21 Reasons Why Deadbeat Parents Bail on Their Kids:

1.    They believe they can't provide for their children.

2.    They believe their kids are better off without them.

3.    Some have no source of income.

4.    Some were told by their ex's that they should stay away.

5.    Some don't have any stability in their lives and/or move around a lot.

6.    Some have requested child support modification through the courts and been denied.

7.    Some are under the influence of others who say they're worthless.

8.    Some are under the influence of people—such as a new spouse—who'd rather they not have contact with their kids.

9.    Some believe they were tricked into being parents.

10.  Others may have wanted their partner to get an abortion, and now refuse to pay child support out of spite.

11.  Some deadbeat parents believe the custodial parent doesn't need the money.

12.  Some believe they shouldn't have to pay child support if the custodial parent doesn't have to account for how it's spent.

13.  Some refuse to pay because they believe the system is unfair.

14.  Some are unable to afford the amount of child support they owe.

15.  Some deabeat parents—fathers and mothers, alike—owe so much back child support that they'll never catch up.

16.  Some believe they won't get caught or face consequences for unpaid child support.

17.  Others have had subsequent children and can't afford to support them all financially.

18.  Some deadbeat parents won't pay child support because their parenting time has been cut off by the custodial parent.

19.  Some are intentionally under-employed (which is also called "voluntary impoverishment") or work under the table in order to avoid paying child support.

20.  In some cases, technical or human error has caused support payments to stop being taken out of the parent's paycheck.

21.  Most, I believe, feel inadequate to participate in their kids' lives, for one reason or another.


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